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Tony Jazzo and Mellow Marsh: Artists, producers, beat makers, song writers. We both volunteer at Bay Area youth services organizations. We have worked together in the past and decided to collaborate on a beats project. We came up with 17 hot radio friendly tracks.

Most leased/non-exclusive beats sell from $30 to $80 per single. We wanted to make our first collaboration project affordable for just about everyone, so we decided to sell the whole project for $9.99, which is less than the price of a single beat. Our goal is to help artist come up. We hope this project will provide opportunities for more folks to harness their creativity.

Tony Jazzo

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Tony Jazzo grew up in the Fillmore District in San Francisco. He was inspired from an early age by the rich history of Bay Area Artists and has worked with artist: Wingx1 Meta 4, Bigtunes and TD Camp. He currently has newly released EP, called "I am Jazzo". He owns a brand new record label, "JAZZO ENT".

Mello Marsh

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Mellow Marsh, is a DJ from Chicago and spent time in LA studios before moving to San Francisco for formal music production training. From his first meeting, Mellow recognized Tony's potential for talent and knew that he wanted to work with him. Mellow has his own production company.

"Trap Feels 17 Hot Trap Beats", now on iTunes

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This album may help you achieve greatness. We cannot be responsible if you should, "blow up, gain fame or achieve notoriety" from using it!

Trap Feels 17 Hot Trap Beats - Volume 2, coming soon

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Our goal is to help artists come up!

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We mentor youth in audio and music
We are songwriters
We record and track
We make beats
We do full audio production
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We do video production
We love music


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